Mystery at Frankenstein Castle

 Screen-ShotGreat opportunity for all you thrill seekers to support our Guildford Fringe Festival this July and watch ‘Mystery at Frankenstein Castle’on 23rd July at The Keep in Guildford. Suitable for ages 12+ …. LINK: Fringe Festival

 If you’re not quite old enough to watch but you have a birthday coming up… you can always make with Genie Lab your own Frankenstein’s Monster with our Monster party package…it’s chilling…Moo hahahahaha!

One room. One hour. And you.

Victor Frankenstein has disappeared from the castle laboratory on the night of the big storm, leaving Igor with the instructions that will bring the monster to life.

But Igor needs your help. All the instructions are in riddles that he can’t solve on his own.
Your team has one hour before the lightning strikes – help him solve the clues and conduct the necessary experiments to piece together the puzzle.

Are you strong enough? Brave enough? Smart enough?

The storm is coming…


DATE: 23/07/2016

TIME: 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Age Guideine: 12+

Tickets £10 (£50 for a group of 6)