Summer Workshops


Thanks for your great response to our Summer Science workshops…there are still some place available. Book for one day, half a day or the whole week! For more information visit our website. See you in August!


Tim Peake Touches Down!

Astronaut Tim Peake touched down on earth today after his six-month mission on the International Space Station. He has landed safely back on Earth and made history as the first person representing Britain to live on the International Space Station.

Early on Saturday, he said goodbye to his crewmates on the ISS, and set off on the journey home, along with two other astronauts – Tim Kopra from America, and Yuri Malenchenko from Russia.Read More

Watch video here…

Links for Science Mad Kids!

Crazy about Science? Find useful information and links here.

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize

Brings the Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 primary science syllabus to life with awesome experiments, games and straight-forward explanations to give children a sound understanding and fuelling a passion for science and nature from an early age!



CBBC Brain Freeze

CBBC Brain Freeze

Brain Freeze uses a unique blend ofpuppets and animation to create a world where science facts meet big laughs. Each episode sees our heroes, Dr. Sorcha Knowles and Prof. Mike McCork, answer the days BIG QUESTION and explain the science behind their BIG ANSWER. It’s all done under the ever-stressed and panic-stricken eye of Colin, the shows guinea pig floor manager!

CBBC YouTube Chanel: